MEET The Stumbleweeds

Like many of our travels, The Stumbleweeds started from a series of happy accidents.

Hi! We’re Sarah Jane Murray and Katie Graves -- a couple of adventure-loving, dad-joke making photographers who love a good story. We met in Chicago just days before we both coincidentally moved to Los Angeles. Our friendship quickly grew from our shared hunger for travel and desire to learn about the world.

Summer 2016 we decided to take our first day trip to the Salton Sea. With cameras in hand, we overcame a beach of smelly dead fish, drank at a random dive bar while chatting with the locals, and nearly got ran over by an eighteen-wheeler (we’ll tell you the story over coffee one day). After a few trips together, we discovered a shared sense of adventure. We were tired of tourist traps and wanted to experience places like the locals do: visiting their favorite local hangouts, trying the tastiest treats in town, hiking the trails that aren’t packed with people taking selfies, and fueling up with that killer good coffee house in the back alley.

Eventually our friends began asking about our adventures in hopes of having the same experience. With a couple of grins, we handed over a list of our recommendations. “Why don’t you do something with all of this?!” we heard over and over…. So in January 2017, The Stumbleweeds were born and we haven’t been able to stop moving since.

Join us along our journey! We’ll do the stumbling so you can do the walking and enjoy the lesser known sweet spots that this world has to offer.

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