The Land of Oz in Bloom

Antelope Valley Poppy Fields | California

This year there was a largely talked of super bloom that was happening all over Southern California. We decided to visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve that's located just an hour north of Los Angeles. On average the bloom will happen anytime between mid February to May. There's 8 miles of trails that you can take through the rolling hills, where you can feel like your own Dorothy out of the Wizard of Oz.


If you're coming from Los Angeles stop by Heart n Soul coffee house! They have 50 flavors of milkshakes to crave every sweet tooth on a hot day and plenty of diner foods to fuel you up for the day.

Don't forget to bring $8 cash if you plan on parking inside the park! If you don't mind a little walk, you can also park outside the entrance on Lancaster Road.

If you happen to visit later in the season, some of the best patches are actually just outside of the park. You'll most likely see other people pulled over for their own photo ops.

Remember that poppies are only open if the sun is on them, so if you go at sunrise or sunset most of the flowers will be closed up.

Last but not least, don't step on the flowers! Not only is it against the law since the Golden Poppy is the California State Flower, but it helps to preserve the patch for the next season.