Kathmandu | Nepal

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Kathmandu is very often seen as a quick stop for travelers who are heading into the high mountains. The Thamel District is packed with eager travelers picking up last minute goods. For the outdoor enthusiasts Kathmandu is a gold mine with equipment at half the cost than you'll find at shops back home. In the cafes and pubs you'll overhear the shared adventures of hikers who just got back from their trek. On the street you'll smell curry and incense around every turn. If you allow yourself a few extra days in your trip you'll see that the city has a whole lot more to offer than just its shops and good food. 

Monkey Temple is a must if you're like us and are obsessed with these little guys. It's a bit of a ride out of the main center of town, but the views are worth it. The massive temple is on top of a hill overlooking the entire city. You'll find people gathered there for prayer and offerings. Little shops surround the square with colorful art, handmade jewelry and warm spices. Dozens of monkeys roam freely along with the cows and dogs. 

"..." is a World Heritage site where they carry out the tradition of burning bodies and sending their ashes down the river. Family members gather in this event and prepare the bodies in holy materials. It's an incredible heart breaking and heart warming experience that we HIGHLY suggest for anyone looking to get a sense of culture, tradition, and authenticity. 

Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the most spectacular spots on the map. Even though it experienced a huge amount of destruction during the earthquake the remains that are there will make you gasp. Kathmandu is defined as the "City of Wood" and you'll realize why once you see the intricate wooden details carved into the windows, doors, and walls of this World Heritage Site.