Dead Fish, Killer View

salton sea & Salvation mountain | California

If you want to check out someplace eerily beautiful and don't mind smelling like dead fish by the end of the day, you can't miss the Salton Sea. It was formed when a portion of the Gulf of California was cut off, and left behind a salted lake in the middle of the desert. This gem is only a 3 hour drive from LA. 

A Golden Age vacation spot for Hollywood Celebrities use to be Bombay Beach. Head over there now and you'll find abandoned houses, boats, and a shore of fish bones. Grab some nibbles and beer at Ski Inn, a dive bar covered in dollar bills. The locals have plenty of great stories about the history of the town. Don't miss the Bombay Beach Biennale! Artists from around the world come to this abandoned town for a weekend of art and festivities! 

Just 30min away from the East Shore of Salton Sea you'll find Slab CityCreated from concrete slabs left behind by Camp Dunlap during Word War II. You'll find many artists, vagabonds, and travelers alike that decided to stay and live off the grid. FUN FACT: It's a migration spot for Snowbirds as they head north in the Spring!  

Inside Slab City sits a one of a kind art installation Salvation Mountain. A giant climbable piece of art made of adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of colorful lead-free paint. Get lost in its colors and don't forget to donate to help its preservation!