New York’s Canadian Cousin

toronto | Canada

For those seeking arts, entertainment and some cool history, The Distillery District is your stop. Not only is this place crammed with incredible antique shops and specialty food boutiques where you can find delicious craft coffee, cheeses, and chocolates. But head over later in the evening and check out a performance or some open art gallery while sipping on a few drinks! This historical area was founded in 1832 by William Gooderham and James Worts. It was the largest distillery in the British Empire.

Within walking distance you can dive right into the 1860's by wandering around Queen's Park. Located right in the heart of the Downtown Toronto, it was opened by Edward, Prince of Whales. The park was created in honor of Queen Victoria, and as you step up to it’s ornate buildings you can easily mistake them for castles.

Hungry for a delicious bowl of pho after a full day? Chinatown is crammed with a wonderful mix of restaurants, tea houses, and markets! And if you haven’t tried Thai Rolled Ice Cream I HIGHLY suggest you give it a whirl.

 Many people seek out that epic photo opp. Sure you could take it in front of the Toronto sign or in front of some cool wall, but one spot that doesn't have much foot traffic is the Bathurst BridgeIt offers a one of a kind view of the CN Tower framed by sky scrapers, with the train tracks running below you.

The CN Tower sits at 553.3 m-high delivering you with a full 360 view of Toronto! And if you’re feeling brave enough you can walk along the outside edge of it while connected by cable!  

Finally our favorite corner of Toronto is hands down Kensington Market. It’s covered in colorful murals from artists all over the city. Head over early and grab several cups of coffee at all the cafes, find incredible deals, eclectic treasures, and meet some of the locals that are filled with stories of its past! Head over at night and those walls with murals will flip around and reveal bars and lounges with music and craft cocktails. One personal favorite is Maison Close, an 1888 House that was transformed into a cozy bar/restaurant. Grab a drink and sit in a chandelier lit living room with a home cooked treat.